Welcome to my website where i share my best Thai food recipes. New recipes are posted regularly. Please check back soon to find new recipes.

I try a lot of new recipes each week for my Thai restaurant. The restaurant is located in the greater San Fransisco area and competition is very high. I am therefore always trying to provide my guest with new and improved experience. Partly to survive in this competitive area and partly due to my own need to excel in my chosen ventures.

I am also trying out recipes to launch a prescription service where people get sent recipes that can be prepared in less than 15 minutes. A service that provide healthy delicious food for people on the go. I plan to launch a national service where people can subscribe to my recipes for a monthly fee of 9.99. In the local area (SF) i am planning to provide an extended service where the subscribers get a delivery once a week that contains both the groceries and the recipes to cook them. This service will be modeled after the grocery bags i subscribed to when i Lived in Sweden a few years back. A country where it is very popular to subscribe to grocery bags that come with recipes. In Sweden there are a large selection of different companies that offer grocery bags with recipes and a number of websites like matkasse.se that let you compare them.

My hope is that these services will provide me with a secondary stream of income and make me rely less on the sometimes fickle lunch and dinner crowd. The grocery bags will involve a lot of extra work but will also be able to give me higher margins since i can by groceries from the same vendors i use for the restaurant and pay a lower price than that in the grocery store. This margin combined with the delivery fee should make it a profitable venture if I can reach more than 100 subscribers. A rather modest goal.